Is it possible to prevent or delay Alzheimer's disease?

The answer is "yes"… well at least partly.

Alzheimer's is a multifactorial disease. That is, it is influenced by several agents at once. Some are genetic, others originate from one’s lifestyle or the environment.

It is also a disease that develops very slowly. The first symptoms appear 15 to 20 years after its onset.

In order to prevent or delay Alzheimer's disease, actions must be taken during adulthood, as early as the thirties, to prevent the associated risk factors.

The first risk factor to avoid is a poor metabolic health.

Obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure often precede Alzheimer's disease.

To avoid them, follow this simple recipe:
- Eat more green vegetables and legumes;
- Eat less saturated fats, such as butter, cheese and red meat;
- And exercise.

That said, your physical health is not the only aspect to consider… Because the second risk factor to avoid is a lack of brain stimulation.

According to studies, highly educated individuals and those who have an intellectually-stimulating life have reduced odds of developing Alzheimer's disease.

The same goes for people who are socially engaged. Spending time outdoors with friends or family members could therefore be very positive for you.

Keep in mind that approximately 5% of Alzheimer's cases have a purely genetic origin, and are therefore unpreventable.

As for the others, lifestyle habits play a substantial role in the disease process. By leading an active lifestyle and eating well, you could potentially prevent the disease.

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