Solving the mystery, one clue at the time... is an initiative led by the MoCA Clinic and Institute, a Montreal (Canada) based nonprofit organization.

It benefits from an unrestricted educational grant provided by the Fondation Hopital Charles LeMoyneEli Lilly CanadaRoche CanadaMoCA Clinic and Institute, Mr. Fadi Melki and Mr. Jamil Cheaib.

It follows two objectives. First, to help the scientific and medical communities to speed up their research. Secondly, to provide an up-to-date information to the general public.

Verified scientific information is provided through its Web TV channel and its news Website.


An investigation


In order to do so, our journalists approach the problem like if it was an investigation. They achieve this task by relying on renowned experts. Together, they carefully dissect and analyze all the evidence related to the disease. As a result, offers a compact overview of the news.

By building this information resource, we seek to generate new collaborations and create synergies within the international scientific community.

... so that one day we can say: ''case solved".